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IMID 2018 Business Forum Overview

  • Date/Place : October 25 ~ 26, 2018 / COEX E5 ~ 6 Hall
  • Hosted/Organized : KDIA(Korea Display Industry Association), KIDS(The Korea Information Display Society)
  • Attendees: 347 people from 7 countries
  • Program : Presentation on 19 topics for 6 sessions (19 invited speakers)

Session 1. [KeynoteⅠ]
Business Strategies of Big Players
Session 4. [Keynote Ⅱ]
Latest Business Strategy of Global Display Industry
Samsung Display(Jae Nam Yun VP),
LG Display(K.D Lim Department Leader),
BOE Korea(Jay Lee VP)
eMagin(Amal Ghosh SVP),
Nanosys(Dr. Nahyoung Kim),
Visionox Technology Group(Xiuqi Huang VP)
Session 2.
Trend & Market of Display Industry
Session 5.
OLED Technology
Shinhan Investment Corp.(John Soh Analyst),
Sigmaintell(Lisa Li President),
UBI Research(Choong Hoon Yi Chief Analyst)
Merck(Dr. Joachim Kaiser),
Sumitomo Chemical (Dr. Takeshi Yamada),
Applied Materials(Dr. Myung Joon Son),
Kateeva(Kyungbin Bae VP)
Session 3.
Micro LED Display I
Session 6.
Micro LED Display II
Lumens(Yoo, Tae Kyung CEO),
PlayNitride(Charles Li CEO),
San’an Optoelectronics(Chen-Ke Hsu CTO)
Yole Deveoppement(Dr. Zine Bouhamri),
QMAT (Dong Lee Director),
KIMM(Jae-Hyun Kim Department Head)

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