Exhibitors Guideline

Booth Fees

Type Booth Type
(1 booth : 9sqm)
General Application
(by June 30th, 2021)
Early-Bird Application Remarks
1st / 10%
(by February 28th, 2021)
2nd / 5%
(by April 30th, 2021)
Raw Space USD 3,100 USD 2,790 USD 2,945
  • Raw Space: Exhibition area only
  • Shell Scheme booth: Exhibition area & Standard equipment

*Standard equipment given to the Shell Scheme booth: system, sign, lighting, information desk, chair, pytex, etc.

Shell Scheme booth USD 3,800 USD 3,420 USD 3,610

※ Shell Scheme booth is installed by the Exhibition Organization

Booth Types and facilities

  • ① Raw Space booth
    • Exhibition Organizer only provides raw space to exhibitors.
    • Exhibitors should build their own booth.
    • The minimum scale: over 2 booths (18sqm)
  • ② Shell Scheme booth
    • It is standard facility, installed by the Exhibition Management.
    • Facility expense is included in the booth fees.

Design & Facilities of Shell scheme booth
Octanorm System Structure 1EA
Acrylic Pillar 2EA
Company Sign (Acrylic) 1EA
Booth Number 1EA
Information Desk 1EA
Chair 1EA
Waste Basket 1EA
Plug 1EA
Spot Light 5EA
Pytex 3m x 3m
Octanorm System Structure 2EA
Acrylic Pillar 2EA
Company Sign (Acrylic) 2EA
Booth Number 2EA
Information Desk 2EA
Chair 2EA
Waste Basket 2EA
Plug 2EA
Spot Light 10EA
Pytex 6m x 3m
Octanorm System Structure 3EA
Acrylic Pillar 2EA
Company Sign (Acrylic) 3EA
Booth Number 3EA
Information Desk 3EA
Chair 3EA
Waste Basket 3EA
Plug 3EA
Spot Light 15EA
Pytex 9m x 3m
Octanorm System Structure 4EA
Acrylic Pillar 4EA
Company Sign (Acrylic) 4EA
Booth Number 4EA
Information Desk 4EA
Chair 4EA
Waste Basket 4EA
Plug 4EA
Spot Light 20EA
Pytex 6m x 6m

※ Details will be notified after an installation company is chosen.

Booth fee discount

Discount for member company
Discount is given to KDIA member companies (KRW 200,000 / booth)
Early-Bird discount
10% discounted by February 28th, 2021
5% discounted / by April 31th, 2021
Additional discount for consecutive participation
5% is reduced additionally for companies which have participated for three years (2018, 2019, 2021) in a row.


Show Guide
  • Publication : Guide Book
  • Size : Width 12cm ~ Height 21cm
  • Target for Distribution : Buyers, Visitors, Exhibitors, Major organizations, etc.
  • Application Period : June 1st ~ 31st, 2021
  • Required Documents : Application form, color separation picture file (300 dpi)
  • Payment of advertisement charges : Deposit (50% of advertisement charges) should be paid simultaneously with the application and 50% balance by June 30th, 2021
  • Advertisement Fees
    Page Back Cover Inside of the back cover Rear inner page
    Fee USD 3,500 USD 2,000 USD 1,500

    * 10% discount for running advertisement on more than two pages.